Biography - Domino Effect
Formed in February 1984 from the ashes of Cracked Actor, twin brothers Pat and Graham gathered together members to complete the new group. Domino Effect performed at various venues throughout East Anglia.

Where stated some of the following dates are to be confirmed - and thanks to Bronwyn for keeping that amazing scrapbook full of posters, tickets and newspaper clippings.

Quote from Nick: "Funnily enough I really can't remember some of these gigs but others are clear as day".

There may be more gigs but these are the ones that there's information on.

01/02/1984 Formed.

First gig at Woodbridge Youth Club.

??/??/1984 (To be confirmed).
Stonham Youth Club.

Diploma Records And Tapes Studio. Recorded 3 Songs "John Smith", "Don't Say It Now" and "I Could Be Nothing".

Quay Theatre, Sudbury, with support Mataxa.

Cindy's (Running Buck), Ipswich, with support Mataxa.

13/11/1984 (Best guess).
Radio Orwell on the Tuesday 8pm - 10pm Platform program. Played the track "I Could Be Nothing".

17/11/1984 (To be confirmed).
Albion Mills, Ipswich.

Mint Condition, Ipswich. (Cancelled, went bankrupt). Not the bands fault - honest.

Affair Club, Colchester.

??/??/1985  (To be confirmed).
East Bergholt High School.

Woods Leisure Center, Colchester. 999, The Whiplash Girls, and Domino Effect.
999 were a punk type band, The Whiplash Girls were more a rock type band.

Quote from Nick: "We were so disappointed when we realised the Whiplash Girls were 3 long haired men!"

Santana Club, Norwich.

Gaumont, Jah Warriors + Domino Effect + Rickie Hanley + Raemon. This was recorded by the sound engineers (from Ipswich Suffolk College) on the mixer but the band never got a copy, does it still exist?

Park Lane, Carr St. Precinct, Ipswich.

18/05/1985 (To be confirmed).
The Lodge (Enid) Recording Studios, Clare, Suffolk. Recorded 2 Songs "Women Never Go To War" and "Tall, Dark And Handsome".

Radio Orwell interview with Graham and Nick on the Tuesday 8pm - 10pm Platform program. Played "Women Never Go To War" and "Tall, Dark And Handsome".

Murryside Youth Club. Does that date ring any bells? Yes that's right, this gig was on the day the Live Aid concert at Wembley Stadium was on. Could anyone have known how big Live Aid was going to be as it wasn't even mentioned on the Radio show Graham and Nick were on a few days earlier.

Biography - Pat Cable
Previous band was Cracked Actor. Played synthesizer keyboards (DX7, Korg and Moog) and vocals. After Domino Effect played in The Guild, Kick House, Raindance and Dark Energy.

Biography - Andy Collins
Previous band was acoustic guitar duo Hosé Flemenco. Played bass guitar (Westone Thunder 1A and a hand made Wilkes Percussive Fretless through a Fender Bassman 70) and vocals. After Domino Effect played in The Guild and Doncaster rockers Double Trouble.

Biography - Sarah Garrod
Vocals. After Domino Effect moved to Bristol and sang with indie band Cherry Cascade and also played bass in Goth band Stoic. Went into theatre, then TV directing for several years. Currently working as a photographer in London when not Thai kickboxing, also playing bass and singing in various London bands, mainly Zara.

Biography - Graham Cable
Previous band was Cracked Actor. Played guitar and vocals. After Domino Effect played in The Guild, Kick House, Raindance  and Dark Energy.

Biography - Nick Pearson
Played Premier drums. Starting out with a local rock band in 1978 playing original music and the rock classics, this group morphed into a pub pop band with a change of lead guitarist in 1981. Joined Domino Effect after spotting an advert in the local newspaper. After Domino Effect played in The Guild. After The Guild quit playing drums until forming a loose band with several friends from various local groups to play for fun at parties. Some people took them seriously and booked them for their functions. The band's name is lost in the mists of time.